Deet spray, gel, and lotion are available in varying strengths from 30%- 50%. Deet products over 50% are no longer considered any more effective. Deet is suitable for all individuals over 2 months 50% Deet has the longest duration of action, therefore requiring fewer applications per day. When using sunscreen and Deet it is important to remember to apply sunscreen first followed by Deet.

Mosquito Nets

For every CarePlus net sold, one mosquito net is donated to the local population of Africa, for use in the worldwide fight against malaria.

All nets are impregnated in accordance to the Long Lasting Impregnation (LLI) technology. This means that all nets offer protection up to five times longer than ordinary impregnated nets.

Benefits are:

  • Impregnation is active for 2.5 years.
  • Can be washed up to 20 times.
  • 3 compact models available for both 1 and 2 persons.
  • An impregnated net offers extra protection against biting/stinging insects.
  • The insects cannot sting through the nets.
  • Mosquito travel nets are available which are multi -functional
  • For use on a mattress (against house mites in the mattress)
  • For use on windows (insect screen)
  • For use on the floor
  • For protecting toddlers in buggies
  • Long lasting impregnation

Tick Removers:

With a tick remover, a tick can be removed easily and safely. The special gripping head ensures that the tick is grabbed firmly with minimum risk that any part of the tick is damaged, allowing a complete "clean" removal, leaving no claws, pincers or parts in the victim's skin / bite wound.

Sterile First Aid Kit:

This set contains sterile medical materials, bandages, and first aid materials. It is specifically designed for people travelling to areas where hygiene and medical care are poor and where an increased risk of AIDS and hepatitis B infections exist.

This set includes a doctor's certificate for the syringes and needles that you can show at the local border control if necessary.

After Bite Gel:

This gel is specially developed to soften and clam the skin after insect bites (also jellyfish stings). The special formula relieves itching and soothes the skin.

Aquapure Traveller:

A high performance personal water purification system that is designed for those who may find themselves in places where water quality is dubious or even dangerous.

Recommended by the Ministry of Defence